Join the Fight for NY Scaffolding Reform November 8th

Next Wednesday, November 8, join Kent Diebolt as he attends the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY) at their annual meeting where the fight for scaffold reform is still going strong. If you can’t attend, we urge you to consider joining LRANY and ensuring your voice is heard.

The Issue

New York Labor Law sections 240/241, commonly called the “Scaffold Law”, holds contractors and property owners absolutely liable for any elevation related injuries sustained by a worker, regardless of the worker’s own negligence.  New York is the only state in the nation which still has such a law.

The Solution

LRANY supports the elimination of the Scaffold Law’s absolute liability standard and the implementation of a comparative liability standard, in which a worker’s own negligence, intoxication, or refusal to use safety equipment may be admitted as evidence in court. This would stimulate job creation, improve workplace safety, and reduce the burden on the state and its taxpayers.

For more information: LRANY

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