Alta Access is a specialized contractor that performs work at height using industrial rope access (IRA) techniques. Combining our background in construction and our decades of expertise in IRA, Alta Access works with clients to design, fabricate, and install access and fall protection solutions, install debris containment netting, make light masonry and sealant repairs, stabilize loose masonry units, mitigate hazardous conditions, perform light painting and specialty construction in difficult-to reach locations.

Alta Access contracts, sub-contracts and performs design/build services for building owners, facility managers and general contracting firms. Alta Access employees have many years of experience in construction, architecture, historic preservation and solving complex engineering problems in difficult to reach locations, including skyscrapers, church spires, bridges, dams, industrial chimneys, academic structures including museums and other structures. Alta Access has designed, fabricated and installed optimal solutions for structures and clients around the country that utilize redundant lightweight rigging systems instead of costly scaffolding and swing stages.