Netting Systems Design, Installation and Repair

Debris Containment Netting

Debris containment netting can be installed horizontally to catch falling debris under a ceiling, skylight or bridge or wrapped tightly as a temporary stabilization technique for building facades.

Most often debris containment netting is installed after a material failure, when, for instance, a section of brick or stone masonry including terra cotta or plaster interiors has detached. Netting is also installed preemptively when an inspection has revealed an imminent systemic failure. Debris containment netting can also be employed during repairs or demolitions to ensure safety for workers, occupants and pedestrians.

Among others, application locations may include: building facades, steeples, piers, bridges, trusses, roofs, ceilings and stadiums.

Tensioned Access Platforms

Alta Access designs and installs tensioned access platforms (TAP) in difficult to reach locations. TAP are a simple yet carefully designed system made from panels of either net or membrane material, tensioned between structural members that can be walked on and worked from as a work platform. Webbing secured to the panels is ratcheted to engineered anchor points, providing tension and stability to the platform. Widely used in the United Kingdom and the Middle East for a variety of “at height” projects, TAP are still widely unknown in the USA.

In situations where scaffolding is impractical, such as during work on stadium ceilings, atriums, bridges over water, or where scaffolding presents a security risk and safety liability TAP are a sound alternative. TAP are particular advantageous in situations where scaffolding would disrupt the normal flow of activity of either construction or pedestrian activity. TAP give general laborers a rigid platform from which to safely carry out “at height” work.

Structures that may benefit from TAP are, among others, stadiums, shopping malls, train stations, atriums, conservatories, church naves, auditoriums, natatoriums, hangers, power stations, water towers, bridges, offshore drilling rigs and refineries.

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Temporary Stabilization and Anchoring

Stabilizing stainless steel straps and cables temporarily hold displaced or cracked masonry units in place, while allowing time for development of preservation programs. Longer term repairs including the installation of Cintec and Helifix anchors are both within the realm of possibility using industrial rope access techniques.

Sign & Banner Hanging

Signs and banners are often prominently displayed in locations unreachable by conventional means of access. Alta Access, using mechanical advantage and the accessibility of rope access, is able to lift and install signs in difficult to reach locations.

Other services include…

  • art installations
  • clock face installation and repairs
  • painting
  • cleaning
  • lighting installation and maintenance
  • wind energy services